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Good with modern " beak " chopstick

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I Love Sushi! I Love Oriental Food! So What If People Laugh At Me While I Pretend To Know How To Use My Chopsticks While My Food Falls Back Onto My Plate. Bottom-line, I Am Not Coordinated Enough To Use Them. Lincoln Kayiwa Had To Have Been Sitting In A Sushi Bar Watching Me At A Distance While I Made A Total Fool Of Myself, inspiring His Creation Of The TUKAANI. In Actuality, kayiwa Developed This Design Based On The Bill Of A Toucan Bird. The Sterling Silver Utensil Allows For The User To Steadily Grip Their Food And Place In Their Mouth Without The Fear Of Looking Like A Fool (such As Myself) . The Loop At The End Of The Design Allows For Easy Storage And Display. Thanks Kayiwa For Allowing Me An Added Bit Of Confidence Next Time I Walk Into A Sushi Bar.

I love birthday department! I love Oriental cate! When if I pretend,meeting use chopstick lets my food drop small dish to go up however, people makes fun of how should I do. Crucial question is, my chopstick uses solid really not very agile. I manage in birthday in fie-fie when, lincoln · Ka Yiwa (Lincoln Kayiwa) sit to look at me beyond for certain, so he is inspired, invented TUKAANI chopstick. Actually, ka Yiwa is this design that invents according to the mouth of toucan. Firm quietly of this deputy pure person that silver-colored chopstick can let use clips food, eat into the mouth, and need not worry picture goofy and same fie-fie (like myself such) . Chopstick extreme has a ring to convenient chopstick is deposited and be displayed. Child of acknowledgment card Yi lets me be in walk into birthday to manage next time when a bit more confidence.

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