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Atlantic charter (English-Chinese contrasts)

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President of the United States of America and the premier Qiu Jier that represent U.k. , through hold a conference or consultation, feel an a certain number of collective principles on policy of two their countries (the hope to better prospective world namely in proper order is a foundation) announcing to the world right now, it is appropriate.
The first, two their countries do not seek any territory or the dilate of other respect;
The 2nd, they do not hope to see the territory that produces any wills that express with concerned people freedom to be not accorded with is changed;
The 3rd, they respect all nations to choose the right of the governmental form that they are willing to live at its to fall; They hope to see once was stripped by the armed strength the nation of its dominion and autonomy, recover dominion and autonomy;
The 4th, they should be below the obligation that respects them to have, urge all nations hard, do not divide size, battle winner or be defeated person, organic meeting falls in coequal condition, to achieve the prosperity of their economy, play world trade and the raw material that obtain the world;
The 5th, they hope to facilitate the collaboration with all the most sufficient inside economic domain countries, in order to promote the progress of economy of working standard ﹑ of all countries and social security;
The 6th, in Nazi despotic rule by after be being eliminated finally, they hope to establish peace, make all countries can be put oneself peacefully in their churchyard, the holder that guarantees all places is in in avoiding the freedom that shorts at fear and self-righting, how to spend their lifetime;
The 7th, such peace will make everybody can go up to sail freely uncrossedly in high seas;
The 8th, they believe, all countries on the world, for the real reason that goes up with spirit, must abandon using a force. If those is in outside territory,the country that be engaged in or browbeats possibly with aggressive posture continues to use Liu Hai empty weaponry, the peace that did not come will not be maintained; So they believe, mix more generally in before more abiding comprehensive and safe system is built, remove of these countries arming is necessary. Same, they can be assisted and urge the measure with all feasible other, will reduce the heavy burden that peace-loving people gets on in armament.

Rich Lan Kelin. Luo Sifu

Wensidu. Qiu Jier


The President Of The United States Of America And The Prime Minister, mr.Churchill, representing His Majesty's Government In The United Kingdom, being Met Together, deem It Right To Make Known Certain Common Principles In The National Policies Of Their Respective Countries On Which They Base Their Hopes For A Better Future For The World.
First, their Countries Seek No Aggrandizement, territorial Or Other;
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