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"Semantic analysis " upgrades patent machine translation

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In the day of world intellectual property this year, bureau of national intellectual property rolled out Chinese-English of Chinese patent information online machine translation serves, in order to satisfy the requirement that domestic and international user gets information of Chinese patent document.

The patent machine translation of our country is how to break through translation to forbid, the difficult problem with not high quality, does the change come our country for years the situation that patent interpreter support works artificially? Ning Long of director of center of information of patent of bureau of national intellectual property signs up for reporter introduction to Chinese intellectual property, be in and in the process that company of domestic much home cooperates, beijing is big the semantic analysis technology that limited company of science and technology of language knowledge processing develops independently produced main effect.

The compasses plasticity of patent document makes patent machine translation becomes a possibility, in using machine translation to replace artificial exercise to wait for foreign Patent Office in European Patent Office already, spread out, our country is not exceptional also.

However, because patent interpreter involves intellectual property knowledge, very tall to the accuracy requirement of translation, through effort of a few years, the readability of our country machine translation is in from beginning to end 70% the left and right sides wanders, accuracy has not exceeded 20 % from beginning to end, far the requirement that short of essence translates definitely. Because this our country is in to machine translation,patent domain uses special discretion mediumly, basically rely on artificial exercise.

Big language company controller signs up for reporter introduction to Chinese intellectual property, the difficult problem of machine translation depends on: When a kind of language the interpreter becomes another kind of language, the computer should undertake analysis, form become regulation to source language already, want to make new language again, this involves the understanding of two kinds of languages with respect to need. Before machine translation uses technology of ” of “ word correspondence mostly, the computer undertakes metaphrase completely orderly according to the permutation of the word. The tradition of law of diction of this kind of benefit, logic and statistic translates academic, method and technology, can explain language surface layer and shallow-layer only, the complexity that materiality progress  conveys as a result of Chinese even cannot arise on language depth understanding, interpreter result often “ is between tears and smiles ” . And big language company uses brand-new “ semantics to analyse theory and technical ” , abandon thoroughly technology of ” of “ word correspondence, the depth of antonym character undertakes understand and be digginged.
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