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Machine translation: Review with look into (2)

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" 40 years when our country machine translation has gone "

Liu Chongquan (researcher of insitute of language of courtyard of Chinese company division)

This article is published in " computer world " on October 4, 1999 ” of “ expert viewpoint (C1 edition) column

(one) the machine translation that our country undertakes first experiments

September 30, 1959 is our country machine translation history a commemorable day ——Our country Russia Chinese machine translation system is in the first self-restrained large and general digital computer 104 on the test is successful.

Although machine translation serves as the computer to be not the new task of numerical value application,was carried early 1946, but appearing in human history truly was on January 7, 1954 however. American Qiao Zhidui university and IBM company are on IBM701 undertook first time machine translation experiments. Experiment language is E Ying, the dictionary includes 250 statements, grammar has 6 regulation only.

(2) a few of machine translation important level and achievement

— of trough of 60 time end—70 time metaphase flourishs with each passing day ——80 time in succession commercial (among them the Systran system that the most important is the United States) ——Translation system of 90 time network (the speed of Light translation system is every second 2000–5000 words, with every 20 words plan, translating speed is every second 100 –250 sentence. Use at email is translated or chatting on the net to wait.

(3) how to see the development that awaits machine translation

Development reason is OK end is:

(1) hardware develops at full speed;

(2) software technology is ceaseless and perfect;

(3) language research is ceaseless and thorough


MT Summit VI (meeting of summit of the 6th machine translation)

On October 29, 1997–On November 1

American California Santiago

(conference paper market in all 285 pages)

First Steps In Mechanical Translation (the inchoate phase of machine translation)

John Hutchins

Summary: Although the idea of mechanical interpreter is early,appeared in 17 centuries, but till this century the 40 time occurrence as the computer, the implementation of this kind of idea just becomes a possibility. 50 years ago, mentioned in the letter that Warren Weaver was writing Norbert Wiener in March 1947 undertake with the computer. 7 years next this kind of idea is all the time in investigation. Till January 1954 system of model of the 1st machine translation comes on stage. The article is the annals of the inchoate phase of process of mechanical interpreter development.
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