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MT Summit VII (the machine translation ——MT In The Great Translation Era that translates a times greatly)

In September 1999 13——17 day, singapore Kent Ridge Digital Labs

Conference paper market by federation of machine translation Asia-Pacific (AAMT) publish.

Paper market in all 653 pages (be market of paper of a conference 2 times much)

1.Machine translation: First 40 years, 1949 - 1989

It is namely 50 years ago, the famous researchs about the machine translation that start memorandum book that Warren Weaver wrote down him. The research of this respect appears in the United States above all, and develop all over the world to 50 time end rose. This still is not the earliest time that mentions machine translation. In fact, be in early in March 1947, weaver once wrote to Norbert Wiener to discuss this matter. And the test that Andrew Booth and Richard Richens also had done sex of a few attempts 1948.

In those inchoate years, and later a lot of in year, the thing that the computer is familiar with today with us but different. The computer build in those days is big breathtaking, should put in contain the big room that enhances floor and ventilated system in so that come loose,heat up, and the price is high. Still need to be helped greatly in addition maintenance technician and fulfil his duty to operate personnel and programmer responsibly to turn all round round it. Most job undertakes maths is calculated, perhaps serve for the army, the army project that perhaps be fastened for university physics and uses mathematical department serves. The machine translation at that time very naturally is to get the army supports, sign up for to translate martial situation namely at the same time and develop. Be in the United States for instance is Russian —— flower machine translation, and in Russia it is flower —— Russia machine translation.

Although quite considerable capital was attracted in 50 time and 60 time machine translation, especially armament race is in 1957 Russia God of satellite of world of the first man-made and Gagarin drove 1961 enter after flight of aerospace airship spaceflight is successful turn white-hot level is more such, but the result of this paragraph of time is disappointing however. To 1966 ALPAC reports (ALPAC is the abbreviate that language of Automatic Language Processing Advisory Committee handles an advisory committee automatically, this orgnaization is American academy of sciences held water in April 1964) after publishing, machine translation enters trough period in the United States. The language problem that machine translation investigator encounters compares their forecast should get more much. This makes since people memory about the same 5 years ago, the criticizes a gender comment of a when the enthusiastic person Bar Hillel of a machine translation once published concerned machine translation. In that article, he rejects so called FAHQT (full automatic the interpreter of high quality) such good cause —— in fact, at the same time he advocates the proof —— that he put forward ” of impossible sex of a so called “ the translation system that development is based on the computer, provide a help for human dragoman, namely environment of ” of accrete of man-machine of so called “ . The author that ALPAC reports agrees with afore-mentioned diagnosis, suggest the machine translation of concerned FAHQT considers to should stop, the high end that the attention of researcher should turn to to offer a level to be decided than original place to translate personnel wants a few smaller support system.
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