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Nowadays machine translation to a lot of people should not be very unfamiliar any more word. We can buy mixed PC interpret software in software shop today, all sorts of languages are right, if English arrives of Chinese, chinese arrives of English, or Japanese arrives of Chinese, even also English arrives of Japanese etc, still have what family edition, of professional edition, match those who take all sorts of different and professional dictionaries to be able to offer an alternative to wait a moment. According to estimation, on the world there are a variety of 1000 different machine translation softwares to be in on the market at present sale, the PC that our country has certain dimensions implement the translation software also has nearly 20 kinds. The price of software of interpret of the PC inside alive bound limits is not expensive, and the price still falls in ceaseless underground. We can enjoy the service of the translation system freely on the net even now. Because the user already had bigger choice room this now. Of course when an user is selecting machine translation system, should make clear well above all oneself demand. Specific for, we are like the proposal below.    

1. if your interpreter task is stabler or long-term, professional and onefold, the interpreter should reach publication level as a result, you may be an interpreter company, or place of a professional information, so you can choose to deserve to have the professional dictionary of extensive corresponding field, and be translated withstand big batch, for long again move (some systems will be dead of machine) system. At the same time idealer is you still can deploy a " to translate memorial " system again, it can help you handle text format issue (wait for) like font, chart, footnote, and can save you through modification correct translated text rise the recycle when after offerring, be being translated.
2. if your interpreter task is provisionality, major is not onefold, interpreter quality asks to need not reach publication level, so you can choose to deserve to have the professional dictionary of many domains, but still should translate the system that run withstand big batch, for long.
3. if you are to browse the information on the net to want to use an interpreter, so the system that you must select to be able to move on the net. If your foreign language level is OK still but the vocabulary is finite, still can choose a kind to have large-scale dictionary only so but the system that can follow interpret along with the dot.

4. the translation software is practical change

From soft company rolls out " of " interpret star in 1992, after the beginning that started market of our country translation software, home's numerous software company enters this one market in succession, all sorts of dictionary software, Chinese convert software and online translation software in succession emerge in large numbers, make whole market presents an unprecedented hot front. However we must see, the demand of the user is mutiple level, how be aimed at user demand, the translation software that develops different application arrangement is the main challenge that software firm faces.
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