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Still be before computer advent the world, the mankind produces the dream that gives a kind of extremely rich charm, the hope can be made one day give a kind of machine, please it is telling different language person the appropriative interpreter intermediate. Put machine of this kind of interpreter in lap to be able to take the world: Went to England, it tells English, arrived France, it can tell French …… again, why to no matter hold,plant the foreigner of the language and you talk, want to dial switch only, it can act as between two kinds of different languages ” of “ a third party, well and truly expression express the idea. The mankind had it, whose person does not know the world of He Chou “ gentleman ” ?

20 centuries 20 time, a Muscovite wants to start work realize this one dream, he made a machine, the roll that tries to pass those gear translates Russian into English, end with fail and proclaiming eventually. 20 centuries 40 time, the invention of the computer ticks off those who removed people happiness to look forward to afresh again. 1949, wei Fu of · of American scholar Wo Lun issues a note to about 200 friend, he points out enthusiasticly, can solve the translation problem of the language completely with the computer. He thinks, people can let computer simulation mankind translate domestic course of action, use a dictionary that two kinds of languages contrast to make a tool, the word that uses a kind of language goes fish the equal in value word of another kind of language, weave next arrange existing writings. This kind of transducer can use a help to solve worldwide document interpreter at least.

The tentative idea of Mr Wei Fu is simple and clear, quite charming however, aroused interest of huge of personage of American division academia. After the history crosses 50 time, american has bit of unable to hold oneself back even. Because be before competition of intense world science and technology, scientist of major United States and engineer cannot read Russian book, and scientist of the Russia before much and engineer are perfectness however English. American scientist worries about him meeting root not to go up very the level of the paper of outstanding science and technology that Muscovite issues regularly. Because this got height takes seriously and the research project of machine translation obtains many funds to aid financially. Riveting of American computer group became sufficient strong, want with one action to pick the imperial crown of next machine translation. From the computer company IBM with abundant 1954 actual strength and Qiao Zhicheng the university studies what the group cooperates to experiment first case, the sort of “ word that Wei Fu imagines began its toddle to the computer translation system of word ” .

Think roughly, it is not difficult that between two kinds of languages implementation “ chases a word to replace ” to appear. For instance, want to translate English sentence into Chinese, need to decompose English sentence only for the word, take sb's place with corresponding Chinese word, press Chinese language code to arrange a type next. “This Is A Computer” is an English sentence, use “this” respectively “ this ” , “is”Using “ is”, “a”With “ a ” , “computer” takes sb's place with “ computer ” , do not become Chinese sentence “ with respect to the interpreter this is a computer”? What what need here is the corresponding vocabulary that a large number of storing and searchs two kinds of languages quickly, and “ stores in great quantities the expert good fun that ”“ searchs ” quickly is the computer fitly. The machine translation system that American initial stage develops is interpreter ” of “ E Ying, they also translate Russian document into English version really.
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