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Google develops machine translation technology

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In the eye of Google, people aux will be able to uses future quite the main language that the machine is documentation interpreter the whole world instantly, the interpreter will not have the ground of use force again.

The method of Google is called statistical machine translation, have very large different part with the machine translation in the past, it depends on language expert to input syntactic regulation and dictionary the computer no longer. In the documentation input computer that this kind of method has translated people, give relevant pattern by computer identifying next, for be being used in prospective interpreter. The Fulanci that translates a plan according to be in charge of Google says, although the quality of translation is insufficient perfect, but comparing this with the machine translation photograph previously is a very great progress. The Arabia that a few people that pursue machine translation research for a long time were looking us - after English translates a result, feel astonish, think this is a breakthrough. But also somebody thinks our system often makes mistake.

But to a few tasks, the translation with correct much may be enough good.

Fulanci inputted number to the middle of the computer with the vocabulary of the language such as the English of ten million plan, Arabic, basically come from U.N. and European Union documentation among them. The language that lacks the text that has translated in great quantities -- for example language of a few Asias, facing greater difficulty. Fulanci says, the data that we input in the system is more, the interpreter's outcome is better.

Current, google offers the mutual translation between Arabic, Chinese, Russian and English on Fulanci says, our current emphasis is to make it can be used above all, produce very big effect, just can consider to use it to make money next.

The professor Miles of Edinburgh university expressed to praise to the plan of Google, but discovered among them a few flaw at the same time. He says, first-rate system (for example the system of Google) can realize each other interpret between a few languages well -- Arabic - English. But he expresses, like chess, translating respect software cannot conquer person, software can be used at understanding and not be got-up documentation.

The presiding apparitor Schmidt of Google is in some earlier this year say on conference of moment, can realize 100 kinds of languages the mutual interpreter between, that is a kind of what kind of scene. Google and other company translate a technology in development statistic, our aux will be able to translates the data of a need at any time quite.
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