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Civilian of machine translation application is changed

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The English-Chinese that waits for mobile equipment to mobile phone, PDA translates a function, average user already common occurance, and this is profit from embedded of machine translation technology extend with application.

Machine translation technology is one kind is based on pair of natural language understanding and technology of handler labour intelligence, it included the numerous content of a variety of course such as computational linguistics, information theory and artificial intelligence. The process of computer interpreter language translates source language namely become target language. In recent years, as a result of Internet gain ground quickly, quickness of all sorts of language character material that can get on the net expand, the unifinication of global economy makes again the communication between personnel of world each district increasingly grow in quantity, accordingly, people is all-time also to the demand of machine translation rising, the machine translation demand that waits for mobile terminal to the mobile phone especially is more pressing.

Although the demand of average consumer is taller, but the applied circumstance of machine translation does not angry however not fire. This one state basically is by as follows the reason caused at 2 o'clock, in occupying Liu Jie of general manager of department of career of soft machine translation introduces: “ above all, machine translation, block letter and handwritten form character identify input of technology, speech and output technology, full text to proofread a technology to wait, belong to intelligent application domain, have higher applied value, but inside very long period of time, these technologies each does things in his own way; next, the manufacturer of hardware equipment often upgrades what attention puts in integrated circuit technology to go up with the innovation, they to software technology not too care about. ”

So, want to drive the application of machine translation technology in mobile terminal, must promote the communication of the manufacturer such as soft, hardware and cooperation, numerous technology union is together, will compositive software product provides final user. Can provide more application for the user not only so, and the whole that reduced an user has cost. Be based on this kind of consideration, embedded it is a kind of efficient way that solves a problem. According to Introduction Liu Jie, embedded product need optimizes original interpreter engine compress, make its can embed the; in mobile terminal unit passes core to be optimized algorithmicly, the system can realize the transplanting job that is based on a variety of operating systems and much money chip, structural frame agrees with the translation system that embedded applying, make the translation system can apply at studying the terminal unit such as machine, mobile phone, GPS widely.

Be in to promote machine translation technology further embedded the application of the domain, liu Jie thinks to still have very a paragraph long the route should go: It is the quality of machine translation, the interpreter quality that is based on regular system especially rises very hard again, the bottleneck; that facing the side such as language environment, regular, algorithm 2 it is embedded the standardization problem of platform, be in embedded domain, platform is very much, and the standard is skimble-scamble, especially environment of homebred chip development is not perfect, core transplanting workload is big, repeat labor to wait for a problem to solve; hard more 3 it is problem of software accredit form, undertake statistical; to the accredit amount of pure software product without very good method 4 it is problem of patent technology application. Must solve afore-mentioned these difficult problem, embedded machine translation ability develops healthily.
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