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PowerWord announces thoroughly free user can download at will

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Gu Ge intervenes the client carries software market to be able to cause the height of adversary to take seriously every time, they lifted the competition of input method domain last year, the key this year is turn for dictionary and translation software. Yesterday, gu Ge announces together home is famous degree of very tall “ PowerWord ” . And to average user character, collect fees “ PowerWord ” of 10 years is already complete and free, the user can download at will from Internet use.

This product is in “ PowerWord ” home is already popular 10 years, but the search function of song of cereal of have the aid of, it above all can the network vocabulary that multifarious, real time updates include more. In addition, it also will come true more the development route —— that “ Internet changes ” gains income freely through advertisement.

And to Gu Ge, the search the function embeds ably “ PowerWord ” , also conduce to pay close attention to and use what attract more user, after all “ PowerWord ” has translation software market the portion of 92.8% .

But Li Kaifu response says, discharge is not the first problem that Gu Ge cares, “ key is the utilization rate ” of the user, he reckons this number will achieve the use record of software of of all kinds desktop. And the hopeful estimation to Li Kaifu, adversary has been in keep vigilant. Be in yesterday, the Netease search that has network dictionary likewise is high-key also announce, will bind the Netease mailbox with user giant dimensions to popularize a dictionary. Of the translation software this year contend for already can foreknow.

Nevertheless, to an any translation softwares, using contention of “ free ” to have rate while, face the test of profit pattern even. “ this no more than has two way, ” Li Kaifu says, “ advertisement cent is become or appreciation business cent becomes ” , “ Gu Ge has experience more in advertisement respect, and the appreciation business ” that golden hill is familiar with a translation software more. Beg Introduction Bai Jun according to golden hill president, the likelihood rolls out those who decide plate making to collect fees in the light of professional user product.

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