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The new student of machine translation

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Just think 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, a city, between 15 climate, the tens of thousands of person that is saying different language will with why be being planted does the form communicate each other? Machine translation is a good helper, once became silent it came back again nowadays.

If somebody asks: “ this will be how an interesting story ” is translated with English. You can answer a “This Will Be A Interesting Story” probably. If somebody asks then: How does gallice say? How to say with Russian? How to say with spanish ……

Those who believe the person that masters 45 kinds of languages at the same time is little little. Nevertheless, pass machine translation, this is a very simple question. Alleged machine translation (Machine Translation, abbreviation MT) , it is to point to the changeover that uses the computer to realize a kind of natural language to another kind of natural language. “ is inputted in machine translation system this will be an interesting story ” , the French edition that can get it for an instant, Russian edition, spanish edition ……

Look, machine translation is a very beautiful thing. Nevertheless, need the “ withered cane of English edition when you, old tree, faint crow; Little bridge, running water, when family ” , everything will stop suddenly, or, everything is between tears and smiles again.

Why people can produce machine translation, reason probably can restrospect to " · of Bible · the Old Testament achieves a century " a medium fabulous story.

A long time ago, the mankind says same kind of language, communication thought is very convenient, labor efficiency is very tall also, they ever wanted to build a tower of exceeding lofty or great that is as high as the middle of forhead, call “ Babel ”(BABEL) , will show their great achievement. Be furious of this one feat sacred, god lets people say different language, make people is hard to communicate an idea, cannot coordinate the work, will punish a kick in one's gallop people with this. Result, babel did not build, and of the language different, became people to communicate each other however forever obstacle.

In reality, people makes the history of machine translation already had 559 years, the machine translation in the dream and the machine translation that already became make progress how, that is another story.

One each thinks very clever person, door mouth is growing to join extremely big tree, everyday in the evening, he sees the moon of bright Qing Dynasty is hanged in large tree one round coming directly towards. He feels, want to mount this to join extremely big tree only, can arrive at that round of moon certainly. Then, he exerts all his strength the ground climbs, climb everyday. When he mounts 10 meters, apparent, he is far from the ground, close from the moon. When mounting 20 meters, the effect is likewise apparent. But, he does not know when to can climb large tree coming directly towards, more knowing a moon is actually in the sky.
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